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Table 2 Determination of LoB and LoD for the XN-31

From: Fast detection and quantification of Plasmodium species infected erythrocytes in a non-endemic region by using the Sysmex XN-31 analyzer

Determination of LoB for MI-RBC# (/μL)
Mean #MI-RBC of blanks (32 samples) 2.4
1SD 1.4
LoB = mean blank + 1.645(1SD of blank sample) 4.7
Determination of LoD for MI-RBC# (/μL)
Mean #MI-RBC of Target LoD Sample (10 replicates) 4.9
1SD 0.7
LoD = LoB + 1.645 (1SD of low conc. sample) 5.9
  1. LoB was calculated using samples of patients not infected with P. falciparum. The LoD was calculated based on the LoB and 1SD of the dilution sample mean with a reproducible positive test result with the lowest number of MI-RBCs above the LoB. LoB: limit of blank; LoD: limit of detection; SD: standard deviation