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Table 1 Classic gene drive system parameters

From: Population replacement gene drive characteristics for malaria elimination in a range of seasonal transmission settings: a modelling study

Parameter Description Default value Range
d Drive efficiency and transmission rate 1 0.9–1
u Probability of resistance arising if drive transmission fails 0.5
lne Probability of complete construct loss during homing 3E−4
sd Fitness cost of target site disruption 0
sne Fitness cost of complete construct expression 0 0–0.5
hd Dominance coefficient for target site disruption 0.5
hne Dominance coefficient for complete construct expression 0.5
hrc Dominance coefficient for parasite refractoriness 1
rc Homozygous degree of parasite refractoriness 1 0.5–1
rr0 Initial population target site resistance frequency 0 0–0.1
  1. All genetic parameters used in classic gene drive mosquito release simulations. Default values are representative of and consistent with other published works [31, 37, 54]. Default values for tested parameters (d, sne, rc, rr0) are used on accompanying website visualizations