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Table 6 Description of participants with pfhrp2/3 deletions (n = 5), Aweil, South Sudan, 2019

From: Evaluation of HRP2 and pLDH-based rapid diagnostic tests for malaria and prevalence of pfhrp2/3 deletions in Aweil, South Sudan

Age Sex Presence of pfhrp2/3 genes HRP2 RDT result pLDH RDT result Microscopy result Parasite density by microscopy (parasites/µl) Speciation by PCR P. falciparum cycle threshold
5y M hrp2−/hrp3− Positive Positive Negative P. falciparum 28.18
8y M hrp2−/hrp3− Negative Positive P. malariae 1452 P. falciparum
P. malariae
P. vivax
1y F hrp2−/hrp3- Positive Positive P. falciparum 311 P. falciparum 27.37
9 m M hrp2−/hrp3 +  Positive Positive P. falciparum 29744 P. falciparum 22.01
8y F hrp2 + /hrp 3− Positive Positive P. falciparum
P. malariae
3538 P. falciparum
P. malariae