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Table 1 Parasitological information of the individuals that were detected by different malaria diagnostic tests

From: Evaluation of a haemozoin-based rapid diagnostic test for diagnosis of imported malaria during the phase of prevention of reestablishment in Sri Lanka

Serial no Species Microscopy Care-Start RDT Gazelle PCR
Density at diagnosis Stages HRP2 LDH Density range Confirmed species
1 P. vivax 1904/μL T/G −  + Positive P. vivax
2 P. falciparum 339.8/μL G + + Positive P. falciparum
3 P. falciparum 96/μL R + −  Negative P. falciparum
4 P. falciparum 1188/μL R + −  Negative P. falciparum
5 P. falciparum 9170/μL R + + Positive P. falciparum
6 P. malariae 624/μL T/S/G −  + Positive P. malariae
7 P. falciparum 54698/μL R + + Positive P. falciparum
8 P. ovale 901/μL T/S/G −  + Positive P. ovale
9 P. ovale 4815/μL T/S/G −  + Positive P. ovale
  1. R Ring stage, T Trophozoite stage, S Schizont stage, G Gametocyte stage of malaria parasites, HRP2 Histidine Rich Protein 2, LDH Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme