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Table 2 ITM services offered by community cooperatives in Mexico and Colombia and monthly sales

From: Community cooperatives and insecticide-treated materials for malaria control: a new experience in Latin America

No. of cooperatives Monthly sale per cooperative No. of cooperatives Monthly sale per cooperative
1. Impregnation/re-impregnation of existing nets 1 25 4 532
2. Impregnation of industrially produced nets or existing nets 7 91 0 -
3. Local production of nets and impregnation 01 - 2 108
All ITM services together 8 83 6 71
  1. 1 One Mexican cooperative is starting to produce nets for hammocks which are not available on the market 2 One cooperative has just started to sell impregnation services 3 90% of these impregnated nets were sold to an international NGO; occasional re-impregnation of existing nets (n = 6 per month per cooperative)