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Table 2 Effect of divalent cations on purified D10 plasma membranes ATPase activity.

From: Preparation of pure and intact Plasmodium falciparum plasma membrane vesicles and partial characterisation of the plasma membrane ATPase

Cations ATPase activity (% of control)
Mg2+ (control) 100
Mn2+ 87.8 ± 33.1
Ca2+ 20.9 ± 19.2
  1. ATPase activity was determined using 2 mM concentration of Mg2+, Mn2+ and Ca2+ and the ATPase activity in the absence of divalent cation was subtracted. Values are means of three separate experiments, each performed in quadruplicate ± standard deviations and are expressed as % of control in presence of Mg2+.