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Table 2 Data Forms Used To Collect Information During Field Work

From: Mapping hypoendemic, seasonal malaria in rural Bandarban, Bangladesh: a prospective surveillance

  Form/Filename Form Description
1. Demographic Surveillance -Initial Includes household census data, pregnancies, and mosquito bed net use
2. Demographic Surveillance - Follow-up Includes any births, deaths, in-migration, out-migration, new pregnancies, and new bed nets acquired during the past 4 months
3. Socio-Economic Status Includes information on land holdings, household assets, sources of water and basic amenities, household income
4. KAP Module1 - Malaria Prevention and Vector Control Practices Includes questions to measure level of knowledge of malaria causation and prevention, current use of insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor residual spraying, and sources and costs of bed nets.
5. KAP Module2 - Malaria Recognition, care seeking, and Treatment Includes questions to measure symptoms recognized by participants, the process of care seeking when symptoms are recognized, and barriers encountered in receiving care and the affect it has on care seeking behaviour.
6. KAP Module3 - Malaria in Pregnancy Includes questions to measure the level of awareness of malaria in pregnancy, the proportion of pregnant women who sleep under treated nets, sources and types of treatment for preventing and treatment of malaria in pregnancy, and the proportion receiving treatment during pregnancy
7. KAP Module 4 - Communication about malaria Includes questions to determine the best communication mechanism for spreading malaria knowledge
8. Active Surveillance Form Includes questions on malaria symptoms in the last 48 hours, 2 weeks, treatment received, and amount spent on treatment
9. Passive Surveillance Form Includes questions on malaria symptoms, how malaria was confirmed, and treatment received
10. Laboratory Form Laboratory results for smear, RDT and spot on filter paper
11. Entomological Collection Form Includes questions on time of day; structural designation; type of catch; number of mosquitoes; composition of the household; number, age and gender of those sleeping under bed net; animal counts