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Table 6 Direct cost (test and treatment cost) and comprehensive cost (including estimate of life value) of the presumptive versus the test based strategy at "ideal" adherence levels to both strategies: test and treatment cost subsidized (see text)

From: Strict adherence to malaria rapid test results might lead to a neglect of other dangerous diseases: a cost benefit analysis from Burkina Faso

Variables Children, dry season Children, rainy season Adults, dry season Adults, rainy season
Direct cost, presumptive strategy 264 257 608 608
Direct cost, test-based strategy 209 247 485 516
Comprehensive cost, presumptive strategy 978 596 1330 1164
Comprehensive cost, test-based strategy 828 697 782 752
Threshold life value* n.a. (pres. dominated) 44 n.a. (pres. dominated) n.a. (pres. dominated)
  1. Costs expressed in € (euro) for 1000 patients managed with either strategy, assuming a life value of 525 € (better option in bold)
  2. * Life value at which the two strategies become equivalent at sensitivity analysis