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Figure 3

From: Identification, characterization and antigenicity of the Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 1 (Pv RON1)

Figure 3

Detection of PvRON1 recombinant fragments and the native protein by polyclonal antibodies. (A) Evaluation of anti-Pv RON1 polyclonal antibody recognition by Western blot. Lines 1-3 and 8-10 correspond to recognition by pre-immune sera. Lines 4-6 and 11-13 correspond to detection with rabbits' post III sera . Lines 7 and 14 indicate the recognition of purified rPv RON1-a and rPv RON1-c fragments by anti-polyhistidine monoclonal antibody. (B) Detection of the protein in parasite total lysate and DRMs. Lines 1 and 2, parasite lysate in reducing conditions. Lines 3 and 4, parasite lysate in non-reducing conditions. Lines 5-12, DRM fractions treated at 4°C and 37°C. S and P letters represent the supernatant and pellet.

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