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Table 1 Target location summary

From: Large-scale use of mosquito larval source management for malaria control in Africa: a cost analysis

Study location Defined Target Areas for Costing LSM programs Targeting Strategy
Country City/
Description Administrative area covered1 Total Population2 Area in km2 Population density/km2  
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Urban 15 city wards 592, 338 58 10, 289 None
Kenya Vihiga District Rural highlands Vihiga District (total 6 divisions) 609, 324 563 1, 082 Spatial and Temporal
Kenya Suba District Rural lakeside Mbita Division 55, 558 211 263 Spatial
  1. 1 Costing in Dar es Salaam is based on ongoing operational program, others are fictive programs based on previous research projects.
  2. 2 Vihiga and Mbita population projection based on 1999 census. Kenya 1999 population and housing census. Published 2002 by Central Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Finance and Planning in Nairobi, Kenya. Dar es Salaam population based on sum of population data for selected wards 2002 Population and Housing Census, National Bureau of Statistics, Tanzania