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Table 2 Maximum and minimum Pearson product-moment cross-correlation coefficients, starting month and lag (number of months that malaria case time series are lagged behind) for which the maximum or minimum occurred, and significance of the regression coefficient for differenced meteorological variables and differenced annual malaria case time series (n = 22), corrected for first order auto regressive correlation

From: Temporal correlation analysis between malaria and meteorological factors in Motuo County, Tibet

District Minimum Maximum
  r start month (lag) r start month (lag)
Differenced annual average maximum temperature vs. differenced annual malaria incidence -0.668** 9(1) 0.286 4(3)
Differenced annual average relative humidity vs. differenced annual malaria incidence -0.382 4(3) 0.432* 9(1)
Differenced annual rainfall vs. differenced annual malaria incidence -0.207 4(3) 0.451* 9(1)
  1. r = Pearson product moment correlation coefficient
  2. Significance of regression coefficient different from zero:* = P < 0.05, ** = P < 0.01