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Figure 5

From: Exposure of the Plasmodium falciparum clonally variant STEVOR proteins on the merozoite surface

Figure 5

Stage-specific expression of STEVORs. (A) Western blot analysis of total protein from saponin permeabilized erythrocytes (nE), ring IE (R), trophozoite IE (T), and merozoites (M) probed with anti-PFL2610w. (B) A blot similar to (A) probed with anti-Glycophorin A antibody to monitor for the presence of erythrocyte membranes. Migration of molecular mass markers is indicated on the left. Estimations of the molecular masses of the identified STEVORs are indicated on the right. Abbreviations: Glycophorin A (GPA), Glycophorin B (GPB).

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