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Table 1 Panel of twelve RDT brands selected for evaluation of the applicability of the RDT fragment sampling and DNA extraction method

From: Rapid diagnostic tests as a source of DNA for Plasmodium species-specific real-time PCR

RDT name Manufacturer Format Device Target antigens
OptiMAL -IT DiaMed AG, Cressier, Switzerland 3-band hybrid pan-pLDH Pf-pLDH
SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf FK50 Standard diagnostics Inc, Hagal-Dong, Korea 2-band cassette HRP-2
SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/Pan FK60 Standard diagnostics Inc, Hagal-Dong, Korea 3-band cassette HRP-2 pan-pLDH
Advantage Pan MAL card J. Miltra & co. Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, India 2-band cassette Pan-pLDH
First response ® Malaria pLDH/HRP2 Combo test* Premier Medical Corporation Ltd, Daman, India 3-band cassette HRP-2 pan-pLDH
ICT Malaria Pf ICT diagnostics, Cape Town, South Africa 2-band cassette HRP-2
ParaHIT total Span Diagnostics Ltd, Sachin, India 3-band cassette HRP-2 aldolose/pan pLDH
Binax NOW ® Malaria test Inverness Medical Binax, Inc Sacrborough, Maine, USA 3-band cardboard HRP-2 aldolase
Core TM Malaria PAN/Pf * Core Diagnostics, Birmingham, UK 3-band cassette HRP-2 pan-pLDH
Hexagon Malaria Combi Human, Wiesbaden, Germany 3-band cassette HRP-2 aldolase
Paracheck Pf* Orchid Biomedical Systems, Goa, India 2-band cassette HRP-2
Carestart TM Malaria HRP2 test* Access Bio Inc, New Jersey, USA 2-band cassette HRP-2
  1. The underlined names represent the shortened names further used in the text
  2. * RDT with plastic seal covering the nitrocellulose membrane