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Table 2 Optimization of RDT fragment sampling and DNA extraction method

From: Rapid diagnostic tests as a source of DNA for Plasmodium species-specific real-time PCR

1) Selection of RDT fragment
  Proximal nitrocellulose Distal nitrocellulose Filter paper
OptiMal (Qiagen method) 27.57 0 39.09
  Proximal nitrocellulose Conjugate pad Filter paper
SDFK60 (Qiagen method) 30.55* 38.62 38.62
2) Selection of DNA extraction method
  Elution method Qiagen method
   OptiMal (nitrocellulose strip) 28.59 32.64
   SDFK60 (nitrocellulose strip) 31.53 36.12
  1. Cycle threshold (Ct)-values in bold indicate best PCR results (i.e. lowest Ct-values)
  2. * fragment sampling of the nitrocellulose strip together with the conjugate pad gave a Ct-value of 29.28