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Table 2 Laboratory efficacy score for in vitro antiplasmodial activity of crude extracts

From: Do ethnobotanical and laboratory data predict clinical safety and efficacy of anti-malarial plants?

IC50 (μg/ml) (best**) Score Level of activity
Not tested 0 Needs to be tested (priority to be determined according to other criteria)
< 2.0 +10* Very good
2.0 - 5.0 +5* Good
   This is the concentration range that is generally considered as active in screening programmes for anti-malarial activity, warranting bioassay-guided fractionation.
5.1 - 10 +3* Good to moderate
   This range may reasonably be considered for bioassay-guided fractionation.
11 - 25 +2 Weak
26 - 50 +1 Very weak
>100 -2 Inactive
  1. ** Aqueous extracts were prioritized but if these were not available, results from ethanolic extracts or methanolic extracts were used. Results from non-polar extracts such as dichloromethane and petroleum ether are too far removed from traditional preparations and were excluded.
  2. *Add +1 if this level of activity is confirmed in more than one strain of P. falciparum, from a different continent or with different drug sensitivity, and +2 if confirmed in 2 or more strains.