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Figure 1

From: Changes in the levels of cytokines, chemokines and malaria-specific antibodies in response to Plasmodium falciparum infection in children living in sympatry in Mali

Figure 1

Levels of inflammatory cytokines in plasma from Dogon and Fulani children. Blood plasma samples from 77 children were analysed for circulating cytokines. Levels of IL-6 (A), IL-8 (B) and IL-12p70 (C) were measured with cytometric bead array. Levels of IFN-α (D) and IFN-γ (E) were measured with ELISA kits. The children were subdivided in terms of ethnicity and with regard to being infected or not according to slide positivity to malaria; i.e. uninfected Dogon (n = 20), infected Dogon (n = 20), uninfected Fulani (n = 23) and infected Fulani (n = 14). The boxes represent the values between 25% and 75% quartile and the line indicates the median. The whiskers indicate the 10% and 90% percentiles. Statistical analysis was done by Mann-Whitney U test.

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