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Table 2 Crude estimates of the costs for each surveillance method per night of trapping and per An. gambiae s.l . caught over the selected period outlined in Figure 2 when all three surveillance systems were simultaneous in operation

From: An affordable, quality-assured community-based system for high-resolution entomological surveillance of vector mosquitoes that reflects human malaria infection risk patterns

Estimated Parameter Units Community-based Quality assured
Number of samples Person-nights 4284 457 335
Number caught No. of An. gambiae s.l 171 42 169
Mean catch No. of An. gambiae s.l per person-night 0.04 0.09 0.50
Volunteer costs TSh 14,994,000 1,828,000 2,680,000
Salary costs TSh 10,589,820 13,793,820 24,413,820
Transport costs TSh 3,100,000 20,340,000 20,340,000
Total Expenditure TSh 28,683,820 35,961,820 47,433,820
Cost per sample TSh per night of sampling 6,695.57 78,691.07 141,593.49
Costs per specimen of An. gambiae s.l. TSh per An. gambiae s.l 167,741.64 856,233.81 280,673.49
  1. All costs are presented in Tanzanian Shillings (TShs). The corresponding estimates of the expeditures in US dollars can be computed at a mean 2010 exchange rate of 1408.02 TShs per US$.