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Figure 10

From: Immunogenicity when utilizing adenovirus serotype 4 and 5 vaccines expressing circumsporozoite protein in naïve and Adenovirus (Ad5) immune mice

Figure 10

All vaccinations stimulated significantly higher anti-CSP total IgG than unvaccinated and Ad5-CSP/Ad5-CSP vaccination in Ad5 immune animals. Plasma was collected 14 days post the final vaccination. Plasma was measured undiluted for total IgG against CSP by ELISA. Serial dilutions were not possible as the undiluted plasma data point required the majority of the plasma collected from an animal. Bars represent ± standard error. Statistical analysis was completed using One Way ANOVA with Student-Newman-Keuls post-hoc test, *** denotes significance over naïve, P < 0.001.

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