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Figure 3

From: Apoptosis of the fibrocytes type 1 in the spiral ligament and blood labyrinth barrier disturbance cause hearing impairment in murine cerebral malaria

Figure 3

a-b show the immunohistochemical result of the hearing animal CM 1 (magnification 200 ×). An immunohistochemical staining for cleaved caspase 3 can be detected in the fibrocytes type 1 (FC1) of the spiral ligament. No positive staining can be noted in the spiral ganglion cells (SGC). b) shows a close up of the non reacting spiral ganglion cells. c-d) show the immunohistochemical results for cleaved caspase 3 in the cochlea duct of the control animal CO1. No labelling could be detected in these structures (magnification 200 ×). No activation of cleaved Caspase 3 can be detected in these histological slices. The brown staining in the stria vascularis is a physiologic Melanin (M) pigmentation.

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