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Table 4 Desiccants HIV RDT products (n = 11)

From: Assessment of desiccants and their instructions for use in rapid diagnostic tests

Desiccant present Type of desiccant Ease of observation of colour change of humidity indicator Warning on desiccant
Yes (10) Silica gel, self-indicating (1) Easily visible (1) Do not eat (10)
Silica gel, partial-indicating (4) Requires additional light (3)
Requires opening of sachet (1)
Silica gel, non-indicating (3) NA
Other type of desiccant, non-indicating (2) NA
No (1) NA NA NA
  1. Presence and type of desiccant, warning label and ease of observation of colour change of humidity indicator. Data refer to number of RDT products.NA = not applicable.