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Figure 1

From: From intervention to impact: modelling the potential mortality impact achievable by different long-lasting, insecticide-treated net delivery strategies

Figure 1

Age distributions of malaria mortality in three transmission settings, overlaid by the predicted combined effect of net efficacy and coverage attainable by routine vs campaign LLIN delivery strategies for each age group. (A) Malaria mortality in a high transmission site[11] (purple diamonds), in a medium transmission site[17] (dark blue squares), and hospital admissions due to malaria in a site with low levels of transmission (light blue triangles) (used as a proxy for distribution of deaths)[17]. (B) and (C) Mortality patterns together with net efficacy x coverage averaged over five years if (B) LLIN delivered via routine services when child is born (pink area) vs (C) if LLIN delivered by campaigns at random ages (light blue area). Calculations assume that once children receive the net they use it for the next three years on average, and that routine service delivery has been in place for more than five years.

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