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Table 1 Reference list of materials used in the experiments

From: Electric nets and sticky materials for analysing oviposition behaviour of gravid malaria vectors

Common name used Product name Manufacturer
Transparent double-sided sticky film Clear rollertrap Oecos, UK
Yellow sticky film Yellow rollertrap Oecos, UK
Transparent sticky film FICSFIL Barrettine, UK
Insect glue OecoTak A5 Oecos, UK
Spray glue Oecos spray Oecos, UK
Detergent Teepol Chemical Industries, Nairobi
Black fly-screen Polyester coated fibreglass mosquito netting (15×17 holes/ 2.54 cm2) Polytrex, China
Wire screen Dark-green wire screen (9×11 holes/ 2.54 m2) Hebei Jimano, China
Transparency A4 overhead projector transparency film (0.1 mm) Ryman, UK