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Archived Comments for: Prospective malaria control using entomopathogenic fungi: comparative evaluation of impact on transmission and selection for resistance

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  1. Authors Note

    Penelope Lynch, Open University

    19 March 2013

    A number of problems introduced during the copy-editing process for this paper remain unresolved in the currently published versions. We still hope to see these resolved by Biomed Central, but meanwhile note the following in an attempt to minimise confusion regarding the symbols representing model variables and parameters.

    The symbol used to represent lifetime egg production should be lower case phi, as shown in on-line HTML text and tables, not the symbol shown in the pdf, which should be used only to represent the period of time spent finding an oviposition site and laying. In addition, although a number of different typefaces have been used, please assume that a given case of a given Arabic letter represents the same item in all tables and equations.

    Competing interests

    None declared