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Figure 6

From: Prospective malaria control using entomopathogenic fungi: comparative evaluation of impact on transmission and selection for resistance

Figure 6

Comparison of conventional instant-kill chemical insecticide and four biopesticides across a range of coverage values. Lifetime reproductive success with interventions as a proportion of LRS for untreated mosquitoes (top left panel) and as a proportion of LRS for mosquitoes treated with an instant-kill insecticide (top right panel). Reduction in average infectious bites per mosquito lifetime with interventions, compared to the value for untreated mosquitoes (bottom left panel), 0 = no reduction in infectious bites, 1.00 = no infectious bites. Reduction in infectious bites with interventions vs untreated mosquitoes, compared to the reduction achieved using a conventional instant kill insecticide (bottom right panel), 1.00 means reduction equal to that achieved by instant-kill insecticide.

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