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Table 2 Key areas of inquiry covered in the study

From: Community perceptions of malaria and vaccines in two districts of Mozambique

Theme Key questions
Perceptions and experiences with malaria · What is the impact of malaria on the community?
· What are the local terms for malaria?
· What are the symptoms of malaria?
· What are the ways to prevent and treat malaria?
· What malaria programmes are available?
· How well do they work?
Perceptions and experiences with vaccination · What is the understanding of vaccination?
· What are the benefits of vaccines?
· What influences the decision to vaccinate children?
· What prevents the decision to vaccinate children?
· Who might discourage vaccinations?
Health decision-making in households · Who are the primary decision-makers for childhood health, including vaccination?
· Who makes the decision if the primary decision-maker is not present?
Acceptability of a future malaria vaccine · What concerns exist?
· What information is needed?
Trusted sources and information channels · Where do you get your health information?
  · Who are the trusted sources within the community?