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Table 8 Influence of in-service training on provider practices

From: Provider knowledge of treatment policy and dosing regimen with artemether-lumefantrine and quinine in malaria-endemic areas of western Kenya

PProvider’s practices OR 95% CI P- value
Request for written prescription 3.00 2.45-10.4 0.001
Prescription of AL 4.03 2.99-14.7 <0.0001
Selling partial packs of AL 3.79 2.77-11.2 <0.0001
Advice given when dispensing AL 1.5 0.77-2.06 0.208
  1. Logistic regression analysis between independent and dependent variables was used to identify practices that were associated with in-service training of providers. The P-values in bold were statistically significant at P ≤ 0.05; OR = Odd Ratios. 95% CI = 95% Confidence Interval.