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Table 1 Primers used for pfdhfr amplification

From: Efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine in treatment of malaria among under-fives and prevalence of drug resistance markers in Igombe-Mwanza, north-western Tanzania

Name Sequence
Pfdhfr1(outer forward) 5'-ATG ATG GAA CAA GTC TGC GAC-3'
Pfdhfr2(outer reverse) 5'-C TTG ATA AAC AAC GGA ACC TCC-3'
Pfdhfr3(nested forward) 5'-ACT ACA CAT TTA GAG GTC TAG G-3'
Pfdhfr4(nested reverse) 5'-GG TTC TAG ACA ATA TAA CAT TTA TCC-3'
Pfdhfr5(nested forward) 5'-GCC ATA TGT GCA TGT TGT AAG GTT GAA AG-3'
Pfdhfr6(nested reverse) 5'-CAT ATT TTG ATT CAT TCA CAT ATG TTG TAA CTG CTC-3'