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Figure 3

From: Characterizing Pv ARP, a novel Plasmodium vivax antigen

Figure 3

Detecting recombinant and parasite protein by human antibodies. (A) Recombinant protein expression and purification. Lanes 2–3 show non-induced and induced cell lysate, respectively (Coomassie staining). Lanes 4–5 show purified rPv ARP stained with Coomassie or analyzed by Western blot using anti-polyhistidine antibodies, respectively. (B and C) Antibody ability to recognize recombinant and parasite Pv ARP by Western blot, respectively. Lane 2 shows the absence of human serum reactivity after being pre-incubated with peptide 38582. Lane 3 indicates Pv ARP recognition. Lane 4 shows detection of recombinant protein (positive control). MW kDa indicates molecular weight marker in kDa.

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