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Figure 2

From: Multivariable analysis of host amino acids in plasma and liver during infection of malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii

Figure 2

Aminogram in plasma and liver changes with Plasmodium infection. Alterations of aminogram in plasma (A) and liver (B) during Plasmodium infection are shown. The blue- and yellow-coloured cells represent z scores calculated for each amino acid [(observed mean - normal control mean)/normal control SD] in plasma and liver, respectively. Cluster analyses are applied to amino acids as described in the Methods. The z scores are as follows: yellow, positive changed; blue, negative changed; black, low variation. Coloured bars represent the mice condition and category of amino acids as follows; grey, uninfected mice; orange, P. yoelii-infected mice; light blue, essential amino acid for P. falciparum; pink, essential amino acid for mouse; green, non-essential amino acid for mouse; red, amino acid derivatives, urea, and ammonia.

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