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Figure 6

From: Anti-erythropoietin antibody levels and its association with anaemia in different strains of semi-immune mice infected with Plasmodium berghei ANKA

Figure 6

EPO levels in the semi-immune mice strains at infection and recovery. Blood was harvested for serum at minimum Hb at infection and at recovery. *Values at recovery are significantly lower than at infection for all the mice strains (p < 0.01). Values at recovery were not significantly different for all the mice strains. Recovery refers to time at which mice has been rested for two weeks after treatment with chloroquine/pyrimethamine for 6 days or until parasitaemia is zero. OD values from ELISA were converted to EPO concentration of pg/ml before it was transformed to log10. Values are means and errors bars being standard deviation (SD). Data was analysed by ANOVA after they were log transformed, with Tukey’s post test. n refers to number of samples. These are pooled data of two separate experiments.

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