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Figure 1

From: Plasmodium falciparum infection during dry season: IgG responses to Anopheles gambiae salivary gSG6-P1 peptide as sensitive biomarker for malaria risk in Northern Senegal

Figure 1

IgG response levels to gSG6-P1 peptide from non-infected and infected children. Box plots indicate IgG response (∆OD) values to gSG6-P1 peptide from uninfected individuals and children with P. falciparum infection during the whole dry season (cumulative data) (A), in January 09 (B) and in June 09 (C). Boxes display the median ∆OD value, 25th and 75th percentiles. The whiskers show the 5th/95th percentiles and the dots indicate the outliers. The P value was determined according to the Mann–Whitney U test.

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