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Table 7 Results of the multivariate regression analysis

From: Outdoor malaria transmission in forested villages of Cambodia

Independent variables Dependent variable Coefficient P-value
EIR PF S1 PF SCR S2 0,2492972 0,000
EIR PF S1 PF PR S1 0,1422721 0,022
EIR PV S1 PV SCR S2 1,224645 0,003
MBR barb S1 PV PR S2 −0,0224375 0,015
MBR dir S1 PF SCR S2 −0,0305142 0,025
MBR mac S2 PF SCR S2 −0,0116138 0,002
MBR mac S1 PF PR S2 −0,0094052 0,089
EBP min S1 PF SCR S1 −0,2482919 0,021
EBP min S1 PV PR S1 −0,3513601 0,040
  1. PF P. falciparum, PV P. vivax, SCR seroconversion rate, PR parasite rate as detected by microscopy, S1 survey 1; S2 survey 2, MBR man biting rate, EBP early biting proportion, EIR weekly entomological inoculation rate, dir: An. dirus s.l.; min: An. minimus s.l./An. aconitus; mac: An. maculatus s.l.; barb: An. barbirostris s.l..