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Table 2 Summary of drug interactions a

From: Cytostatic versus cytocidal profiling of quinoline drug combinations via modified fixed-ratio isobologram analysis

  IC50-Based LD50-Based
Combination HB3 (CQS) Dd2 (CQR) HB3 (CQS) Dd2 (CQR)
CQ-PQ Antagonistic Additive Antagonistic Antagonistic
CQ-TQ Antagonistic Antagonistic - -
CQ-AQ Additive Additive Additive Antagonistic
CQ-MB Antagonistic Antagonistic - -
AQ-PQ Antagonistic Antagonistic - -
AQ-TQ Additive Antagonistic - -
AQ-MB Antagonistic Antagonistic - -
PQ-MB Antagonistic Additive - -
TQ-MB Additive Synergistic Synergistic Synergistic
  1. aAntagonism is defined by a convex isobologram curve (FICindex > 1), additivity by a isobologram curve along the diagonal (FICindex = 1), and synergy by a concave isobologram curve (FICindex < 1) (Figure 2).