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Table 4 Summary of barriers to intermittent preventive therapy in pregnancy uptake identified in study

From: Perceptions of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy (IPTp) and barriers to adherence in Nasarawa and Cross River States in Nigeria

Behavioural and environmental barriers to IPTp uptake Individual and family Community Environment
Knowledge and beliefs of cause and symptoms of malaria * *
Knowledge and beliefs of risks of MiP ** **
Understanding of IPT *** ***
Husband’s/community’s support for accessing routine ANC * *
Husband’s/community’s support for accessing MiP care ** ** __
Costs of seeking care * *
Waiting time **
Provider attitudes **
Provider knowledge of MiP **
Provider training in MiP and focused ANC **
Provider knowledge of IPTp protocols ***
Availability of SP on-site ***
  1. (*) indicates that barrier exists that has minimal influence to lower IPTp uptake.
  2. (**) indicate barrier has important influence on IPTp uptake.
  3. (***) indicate serious barrier to IPTp uptake that urgently needs to be addressed.