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Table 8 Priorities – nice to have

From: CRIMALDDI: a prioritized research agenda to expedite the discovery of new anti-malarial drugs

Delivering enabling technologies • Establish reporter systems for every stage of the parasite life cycle
  • Improve imaging tools for mechanisms of parasite drug resistance
  • Develop tools and reagents that have proved useful in other fields but are not yet available for malaria (antibodies, affinity tags)
  • Investigate the possibility of using a mature gametocyte and/or liver schizont assay system as a surrogate for activity against hypnozoites in primary screening for novel anti-vivax drugs
  • Develop a P. falciparum and P. vivax ookinete assay to complement the current Plasmodium berghei assay
  • Develop of a gametocyte motility assay
  • Develop tools to image the parasite’s response (metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, structural algorithms) that have proved useful in other diseases (e g, tuberculosis) but have not yet been developed properly in malaria
  • Investigate how far one could use Toxoplasma as a model for Plasmodium
Exploiting HTS hits quickly • Phenotype parasite strains affected differently by each chemical class to identify possible causes of differences in compound activity
Identifying novel targets • Use available IT tools to cluster structures around identified biological activity against Plasmodium