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Table 2 Comparison of enzyme activities of SENN and SENN-DDT An. arabiensis adults eclosed from fasted larvae (2 day cohort) against their corresponding control cohorts (eclosed from larvae fed thrice daily) by gender

From: The effect of larval nutritional deprivation on the life history and DDT resistance phenotype in laboratory strains of the malaria vector Anopheles arabiensis

  SENN fasted ♂ SENN fasted ♀ SENN-DDT fasted ♂ SENN-DDT fasted ♀
Cytochrome P450 ↓(0.02) ↓(<0.01) - ↓(0.02)
Alpha esterase - ↓(<0.01) ↓(<0.01) ↓(<0.01)
Beta esterase ↓(<0.01) - ↓(<0.01) -
Glutathione-S tranferase ↓(0.02) - - -
  1. Statistical significance was assessed by 2 sample t-test. Significant decreases (↓) are accompanied by their respective p values in parentheses and hyphens indicate no statistically significant differences.