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Table 3 Performance of Plasmodium falciparum native antigen ELISA (NatELISA) versus three specific recombinant Plasmodium proteins ELISA (RecELISA Total)

From: The ears of the African elephant: unexpected high seroprevalence of Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae in healthy populations in Western Africa

  RecELISA Total Pos RecELISA Total neg Total
NatELISA pos 127 2 129
NatELISA neg 8 7 15
Total 135 9 144
  1. Total comparative results for malaria-infected patients (n =144) microscopically diagnosed in a non-endemic country.
  2. Positive RecELISA Total versus positive RecELISA: 135/144 versus 129/144: Chi-square test, p = 0.2008.