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Table 1 Outline of data analysis

From: Rapid diagnostic test supply chain and consumption study in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique: estimating stock shortages and identifying drivers of stock-outs

Areas of analysis Focus
Data quality and availability ■ Relevant types of data
■ Cost/effort to obtain
■ Accuracy (hidden defects)
■ Motivation to share
■ Data appropriate for decision making
Decision makers ■ Identification
■ Competence
■ Alignment of motivation
■ Synchronization of actions
■ Behavioural factors
Supply system ■ System Areas (Warehousing, Transportation, Distribution, Forecasting, Coordination/Planning)
■ Performance Drivers (capability, infrastructure, control mechanisms)
■ Complexity
■ Degree of Structure (expectations for stable patterns and relationships)
  ■ Moving parts (number of actors, events or activities that contribute to consumption of health commodity)