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Figure 2

From: Age-specific malaria seroprevalence rates: a cross-sectional analysis of malaria transmission in the Ouest and Sud-Est departments of Haiti

Figure 2

Distribution of ELISA responses in absorbance units (λ = 450 nm). The distribution of ELISA responses from the study participants in absorbance units (at 450 nm) appear for AMA-1 and MSP-1 on the left and right panels of Figure 2, respectively. The upper panels show the histograms of the suspected seronegative ELISA results overlaid with a normal distribution function. The sample mean (thick black line) and sample standard deviation of these functions were used to determine minimum absorbance values (thresholds) for the classification of a sample as seropositive using the sample mean for the suspected negative population members plus three to five sample standard deviations (gold, orange, and red dashed lines).

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