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Figure 5

From: Large-scale drivers of malaria and priority areas for prevention and control in the Brazilian Amazon region using a novel multi-pathogen geospatial model

Figure 5

Coldspots (CS) and hotspots (HS) reveal substantially different spatial patterns than Figure4. Upper and lower panels show results for P. vivax and P. falciparum, respectively. Persistent hotspots (red) are areas that were classified as hotspots throughout the five-year study period (2004-2008). Intermittent hotspots (light red) are areas that were classified at least once as a hotspot but not in all five years. Analogous definitions were used for persistent (blue) and intermittent (light blue) coldspots. Finally, potential hotspots are shown in grey. Letters indicate state names (AC = Acre, AM = Amazonas, RR = Roraima, AP = Amapa, PA = Para, and RO = Rondonia).

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