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Table 1 Peptide sequences of BiP among Plasmodium species

From: A rapid sensitive, flow cytometry-based method for the detection of Plasmodium vivax-infected blood cells

Plasmodium species Gene ID Amino acid sequence
P. falciparum PF3D7_0917900 SGDEDVDSDEL
P. vivax PVX_099315 SaDEDVeSDEL
P. knowlesi PKH_071520 SGDEDVeSDEL
P. yoelii PY05001 pGDEDVDSDEL
  Consensus **DEDV*SDEL
  1. BiP peptide sequences from P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. knowlesi and P. yoelii were compared. The concensus peptide sequence of BiP (**DEDV*SDEL) was identified from P. falciprum BiP orthologs. Sequences were obtained from PlasmoDB (version 10.0) [20].