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Table 4 Summary of promising anti-malarial steroids, lignans, other antiplasmodial compounds derived from African flora

From: The potential of anti-malarial compounds derived from African medicinal plants, part II: a pharmacological evaluation of non-alkaloids and non-terpenoids

Compound sub class Isolated metabolites Plant species (Family) Part of plant studied Place of harvest (City, Country) Author, Reference
Steroids 91 Ajuga remota (Lamiaceae) Aerial parts Nairobi, Kenya Kuria et al. [94]
92, 93, 94, 95 and 96 Vernonia amygdalina (Asteraceae) Young pith of trees Mahale Mt. National Park, Tanzania Ohigashi et al. [95]
Lignanes 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102 and 103 Pycnanthus angolensis (Myristicaceae) Stem bark São Tomé and Príncipe islands Ramalhete et al. [96]
104 Asparagus africanus (Asparagaceae) Roots Kenya Oketch-Rabah et al. [97]
Others 105 Lippia javanica (Verbenaceae) Leaves and stalks Limpopo, South Africa Ludere et al. [98]
106 Helichrysum cymosum (Asteraceae) Whole plant South Africa Jakupovic et al. [99]
Vuuren et al.[100]
107, 108, 109 and 110 Vernonia staehelinoides (Asteraceae) Leaves Magaliesburg, South Africa Pillay et al. [101]
111 Hypericum lanceolatum (Hypericaceae) Stem bark Mt. Bamboutos, Cameroon Zofou et al. [90]
112 Symphonia globulifera (Clusiaceae) Seeds Fundong, Cameroon Ngouela et al. [92]
113 Morus mesozygia (Moraceae) Stem bark Centre Province, Cameroon Zelefack et al.[61]
114 and 115 Kigelia africana (Bignoniaceae) Stem bark Bandjoun, Cameroon Zofou et al.[64, 65]
116 and 117 Glossocalyx brevipes (Monimiaceae) Leaves Kumba, Cameroon Mbah et al. [102]
  118 Asparagus africanus (Asparagaceae) Roots Kenya Oketch-Rabah et al. [97]
  119 Dracaena mannii and Dracaena arborea (Dracaenaceae) Seed pulp Nigeria Okunji et al. [103]