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Table 1 The putative merozoite cell surface and secreted proteins that were chosen for recombinant expression

From: Towards a comprehensive Plasmodium falciparum merozoite cell surface and secreted recombinant protein library

No Name Accession number Type Region targeted for recombinant expression Exp. levels
1¥ rhoptry-associated membrane antigen (RAMA) MAL7P1.208 GPI Y17–S840 Medium
2 Prohibitin, putative PF08_0006 Secreted L20–F272 Low
3# Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function PF10_0166 Secreted Y25–E310 High
4 GLURP PF10_0344 Secreted K24–I1233 Low
5 MSP3.5 PF10_0350 Secreted A20–F710 High
6* MSP3.6 PF10_0351 Secreted N22–P566 Medium
7* MSRP5 PF13_0191 Secreted N22–I459 Medium
8* MSRP4 MAL13P1.173 Secreted D22–Q309 High
9¥ MSP8 PFE0120c GPI E26–S576 Low
10# Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function PF13_0125 Secreted N20–S292 High
11 Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function PF14_0044 Secreted Q21–K290 N/D
12 Merozoite-associated tryptophan-rich antigen, putative PFA0135w Secreted I25–K276 High
13 LCCL domain-containing protein PFA0445w Secreted K22–I1029 N/D
14 SERA1 PFB0360c Secreted M1–V997 N/D
15¥ SERA2 PFB0355c Secreted E23–V1105 Medium
16 SERA3 PFB0350c Secreted T23–I930 Medium
17 SERA4 PFB0345c Secreted S26–V962 High
18 SERA5 PFB0340c Secreted T23–V997 High
19 SERA6 PFB0335c Secreted N25–V1031 Low
20¥ SERA7 PFB0330c Secreted Q23–V946 Low
21* SERA9 PFI0135c Secreted E23–V932 Medium
22¥ Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function PFA0210c Secreted Y24–D466 Low
23 Conserved Plasmodium protein, unknown function PFB0475c Secreted L23–D446 Low
24 Cysteine-rich protective antigen (CyRPA) PFD1130w Secreted D29–E362 High
25 RIPR PFC1045c Secreted I20-N1086 Low
  1. Protein sequences from 3D7 reference P. falciparum strain were truncated to remove endogenous signal peptides and sequences corresponding to GPI anchors. The region of each protein that was targeted for recombinant expression is shown. Expression levels are given as a guide only because of the significant batch-to-batch variability of transient transfection, and grouped into "high" (between 30 μM and 100 μM after purification), "medium" (1 μM and 30 μM) and "low" (0.01 μM and 1 μM). No detectable expression (N/D) was obtained for PFA0445w, PF14_0044 and SERA1.
  2. ¥ Proteins selected from[51].
  3. * Proteins included to complete the set of proteins belonging to the MSP3, MSP7-like and SERA families.
  4. # Proteins chosen from[50]. All other proteins were short-listed from bioinformatic analysis of transcription microarray data[38, 39]. GPI, GPI-anchored.