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Figure 4

From: Effect of sample size and P-value filtering techniques on the detection of transcriptional changes induced in rat neuroblastoma (NG108) cells by mefloquine

Figure 4

Power analysis of sample size versus minimum detectable fold-change for mefloquine-modulated genes. Calculations were performed with PS software (Dupont and Plummer, 1990), using the following critical values: Power = 0.5, α = 0.003, σ = 1686 (based on an average control expression value of 1315), with total sample size ranging from 4–16. Reduction of sample size from 16 to 12 resulted in a modest increase in the minimum detectable fold-change. Reduction of total sample size to less than 10 results in elevation of the minimum detectable fold-change above the maximum transcriptional modulation induced by mefloquine.

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