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Table 2 Transcriptional changes induced in rat neuroblastoma (NG108) cells by a two-hour treatment with 10 μM mefloquine.

From: Effect of sample size and P-value filtering techniques on the detection of transcriptional changes induced in rat neuroblastoma (NG108) cells by mefloquine

Gene Accession Fold-change P-value1 Result of RT-PCR
(Expression Designation)2
GADD153 U30186 4.6 0.00013 Confirmed (altered)
IkappaB X63594 2.2 0.00059 Confirmed (altered)
IkappaB X63594 2.8 0.0014 Not tested (altered)
CJun X17163 5.9 0.00165 Not tested (altered)
Dual specificity phosphatase X94185 0.58 0.00184 Not tested (altered)
EST-cJun AA945867 2.2 0.00186 Not tested (altered)
EST-cJun AI175959 3.6 0.00282 Confirmed (altered)
DNA Polymerase α M15114 1.3 0.00339 Not confirmed (unaltered)
PjunB X54686 2.0 0.00383 Not confirmed (unaltered)
Acyl CoA hydrolase AB010428 1.7 0.00391 Not tested (unaltered)
Unknown EST AI237378 0.72 0.00663 Not confirmed (unaltered)
  1. Notes 1. Paired t (df = 7) comparing mefloquine and DMSO (array data). 2. Expression was either confirmed (paired t-test, df = 7, P < 0.05) not confirmed (paired t-test, df = 7, P > 0.05) by RT-PCR or RT-PCR was not conducted (not tested). For the purposes of comparing the utility of different expression data filtering methods, genes were defined as having altered (array P < 0.003) or unaltered (array P > 0.003) expression. This threshold represents the highest array P-Value for which expression changes could be (were) confirmed by RT-PCR.