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Table 2 Method for detecting codon 268 mutations: primer pairs for amplification with size of amplification product and restriction enzyme for following digest

From: Different mutation patterns of atovaquone resistance to Plasmodium falciparum in vitro and in vivo: rapid detection of codon 268 polymorphisms in the cytochrome b as potential in vivo resistance marker

Codon 268 Type Primer pair Product size Cutting enzyme Fragment length
  Outer PCR CYTb1 + CYTb2 939 bp   
TAT Wild type CYTb3 + CYTb5 384 bp NsiI 359 + 25
TCT Y268S CYTb2 + CYTb6 171 bp AlwNI 147 + 24
AAT Y268N CYTb2 + CYTb7 174 bp SspI 150 + 24
  1. NsiI cuts TAT; AlwNI cuts TCT; SspI cuts TAT and TCT, but not AAT