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Table 1 The effect of mean temperature on the duration of mosquito's life cycle and sporogonic cycle and its effect on the amount of lead time from the availability of breeding sites to the occurrence of malaria cases.

From: Weather-based prediction of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in epidemic-prone regions of Ethiopia I. Patterns of lagged weather effects reflect biological mechanisms

Weather factors Stages and duration of mosquito's life cycle and sporogony cycle affected by weather factors
Mean temperature (Rainfall temperature) Availability of breeding sites ----------------→ Malaria
Mosquito's life cycle* Sporogony† Incubation period in human host
Larva ----→ Adult(days) Adult first bite ----→ Infectious bite (days)
16°C 47 111 (10–16 days)
17°C 37 56  
18°C 31 28  
20°C 23 19  
22°C 18 7.9  
30°C 10 5.8  
35°C 7.9 4.8  
39°C 6.7 4.8  
40°C 6.5 4.8  
  1. * see references [32, 44]; †see references [35, 45]