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Table 2 Factors Important for Employment (n = 40)

From: Participation of African social scientists in malaria control: identifying enabling and constraining factors

Malaria Employment Frequency General Employment Frequency
Sufficient funds to complete job 11 Potential for career advancement a 26
Supportive environment that facilitates the translation of research findings into programmatic use 9 Competitive salary a 13
Ability and opportunity to contribute alternative solutions to malaria control from a social science perspective 6 Proximity to family a 12
Type of social science dimension to job 5 Social value of job b 5
Sufficient technical skills to complete jobs 5   
Epidemiology of malaria 4   
  1. aIndicates factors that were identified as important for both general employment and malaria specific employment.
  2. bThe social value of a job was defined as the positive impact that a given job made in the community, as well as the professional and community respect awarded to the position. Participants were more likely to seek out employment from organizations with proven track records of using research findings to improve the health of the community.