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Table 2 Shared roles within the national ITN initiative (NATNETS).

From: Creating an "enabling environment" for taking insecticide treated nets to national scale: the Tanzanian experience

NATNETS National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP)
ITN cell within NMCP
• Overall coordination of ITN activities, including linkage with NGOs and commercial sector
• Advocacy (political, administrative)
• Reduction of taxes and tariffs
• Legislation on insecticides & consumer protection
• Quality control (nets and treatment)
• Technical support to districts
• Brokering agreements between public sector and commercial sector
• Resource mobilisation for other aspects of ITN Strategy
• Increasing role in national/local level demand creation
• Monitoring and evaluation
Design & implementation of national voucher scheme
Strategic social marketing (SMARTNET)
• Market research and creation of a national ITN logo
• Opening new markets in areas not yet reached by commercial markets and attracting commercial distribution into such areas
• Marketing support to national net manufacturers/distributors/retailers
• Distribution support to national net manufacturers/distributors/retailers
• National/local demand creation
• Net treatment kit promotion and distribution
• Close collaboration with ITN Cell
Additional key ITN stakeholders
Research community
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Implementation research
• Market research
• Product development
Commercial sector
• Net production
• Net distribution
• Branded advertisement
• Product development
• Market research