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Figure 1

From: PCR detection of Plasmodium falciparum in human urine and saliva samples

Figure 1

Showing P. falciparum MSP2 amplicon from saliva (173Qs), urine (173Qu, 173u) and blood (173b) samples of patient 173. Qs and Qu denote saliva and urine samples extracted by Qiagen® commercial kit (crude cell lysate protocol), while u denotes whole urine sample extracted by the Chelex method. Qs-, Qu-, u- and b-, denote amplicon from corresponding extracts of saliva, urine and blood donated by thick film negative healthy control. 3D7, amplicon from positive control laboratory standard; M, 100 bp DNA ladder. Extraction of urine replicate sample 173u was performed on 20.02.06, while Qiagen extractions were carried out on 09.02.06. Identical MSP2 alleles are apparent in amplicon from urine, saliva and blood samples of patient 173, as compared to 3D7 lab standard.

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